Our Spectrum of Experience & Services
Since our establishment, Willis Malaysia have had the pleasure honor and experience of providing services to a wide-ranging clientele spectrum.
- Hospitality and Resorts
- Heavy Industry
- Petrochemicals
- Pharmaceuticals
- Small & Medium Industries
- Plantations
- Tertiary Institutions
- Ports
- Property Developers
- Construction
- Power Utilities
- Telecommunications & Broadcasting
- Food & Beverage
- Textiles
- Financial Institutions
- Government Agencies
- IT and Hi-Tech Industry
- Airports and Aviation Industry
- and many others
Our Scope of Services include but is not limited to the following:
- Evaluate your risks
- Recommend practical and competitive risk treatments
- Arrange and administrate the covers for your risks
- Manage and advise on any loss or damage that arise
- Place and market your risks in secure insurance markets
- Negotiate for the best terms of cover and claims payable
- Innovate on products and services to handle risks more effectively
- Provide global networking services for your overseas ventures
- Benchmark your risks against homogeneous international standards
- Analyze loss trends
- Review adequacy of existing covers
- Improve risk covers on renewal of your annual program